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End Grain Cutting Board on table with spices
end grain chop shop
Premium wood kitchenware and luxury game boards

end grain cutting boards

End grain is the grain of wood seen when it is cut across the growth rings. Rather than cutting a plank of wood the length of the trunk, end grain wood is actually cut at a 90-degree angle to the grain. This type of cut exposes the character of the wood rings and graining. Many wood lovers relish the results: a cross-grain which pleases the eyes. Put simply, end grain cuts produce highly-aesthetic wood with character, colour, and durability.

End grain boards are made by cutting the pieces of lumber into blocks and gluing the blocks together with the end grain up, forming the top surface of the cutting board. This block construction makes the butcher block very strong and durable. During cutting and chopping, the end grain wood fibers absorb the impact of the knife blade so the block is resistant to nicks and gouges. End grain fibers run vertically allowing the knife blade to cut between them giving them a self healing factor as they close back together.

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